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TR4 General Maintenance Specs

The first thing I did when I got my TR4 was to start going through all the various systems and make sure at least all the fluids were right and that the basic stuff all worked. Trying to get a consistent answer on what oil to use was difficult since different folks have had good results with a variety of products. I've compiled a list of what I wound up using, which hopefully could make a good starting point for another new TR4 owner.

This list was generated with much help from the Triumphs email list and the factory manual. It is, however, not any sort of official recommendation, just a quick overview of what I decided. If you are in doubt at all, please refer to your shop manual or ask the far more experienced folks on the list.

Motor oil20w50 13.2 pints (6 - 7 quarts)
Oil filter for spin-on adaptorK&N HP2009 or Fram PH3600
Overdrive Transmission Fluid20w50 racing (non detergent) 4.2 pints
Rear diffCastrol Hypoid (Hypoy C) 80w90 -- this is a GL5 rated oil
DashpotsSame as motor oil (20w50), some recommend lighter oil (10w30)
Ideal oil pressure30 idle, 70 at 2k rpm once hot
Idle650 rpm
Point gap.015"
Spark plug gap.025" with standard coil, Lucas sport coil might need larger (.035")
Valve clearances.010" (intake and exhaust) from manual, there is a recommendation to go slightly larger (.012")
Tire Pressures24 psi front, 32 psi rear (cold), might be a bit soft, could go to 34F 36R