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WOAD (Website On A Disk)

So just what is a WOAD? Apparently, it's actually a "hardy biennial plant native to northern Europe and the British Isles that is a source of the blue dye chemical, indigotin." I didn't know that. In my world, WOAD is short for Website On A Disk, my website management tool, and the power behind this website.

I wrote the first version of this while I was working as a web consultant a few years ago. When I started working for the Park City School District in 2003, I saw the need for a similar type of system, to make updating our web pages easy enough that non-techy-geeky types could do it. So the WOAD system was reborn.

This current version shares only the name with its predecessor. The system is written in PHP and uses a MySQL database as a backend (the essential LAMP system -- Linux, Apache, PHP, MySQL). These open source tools are very powerful, and the price sure works nice at a public institution with limited resources!

The WOAD system has now been in place for nearly ten years now, and is still going strong. It powers all the district sites, including a few internal web applications, as well as this site. I've been very pleased with how it has turned out, and continue to enjoy working on it and improving it.