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My friend Sara sent me this in an email. She works for a radio station, and had this experience while doing a radiothon at a local hospital.

So we are having a radiothon for Cure Kids Cancer at Hasbro Children's Hospital. We have raised close to $500,000 in a day and a half. Yesterday I went to the hospital because we are broadcasting in the lobby. Right outside of our broadcast area, there was an arts and crafts section. There was this little girl, sitting a wheelchair, with a nurse. She kept asking to go back to her room. A coworker of mine asked if she wanted to turn her wheelchair around so she could see the people, and the girl said she was blind from the cancer, and wanted to go back to her room.

So I knelt down in front of her and asked if she wanted me to explain to her what was going on. So I did. I had tears streaming down my face while I talked about the colors, and the shapes and the sun outside. Then I asked her if she wanted to paint. She said she couldn't because she could see. I told her that wasn't true. So I picked up a wooden heart and put it her her hands. She felt around the heart until she knew what it was. I then put a paint brush in her hands, helped her find the paint, and watched while she painted everything in sight. She finished painting and thanked me for taking time to make her day better.

As she went back to her room, I found out that she was only six, and she is terminal. She has only weeks left. I have never felt so lucky. I've had a very tough few days with this--just listening. I can't even imagine. Sure gave me much needed perspective on my life. I share this with you not to depress you, but to ground you--a little perspective never hurts.

Sara Clarke
April 29, 2005