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A Life of Vroom

My first word was "car." A defining moment, I think. Seems to have always been a fascination with all things automotive. I used to be able to name make, model, and year of every car I saw. Harder to do now, but I can still get close.

Almost 20 years ago I finally decided to get a car I could love, and not just transportation. It was a 1976 Toyota FJ40 Land Cruiser. What fun. Top off, doors off, great for cruising around. Also had major rust and leaked/burned oil by the quart. Surprisingly reliable, but really not the best vehicle for a young guy with no garage and few tools. So after a year or so, it was back to modern, boring. A couple of motorcycles followed, but I was continually thinking of automotive fun.

In 2002 I got my first house with a garage (we've since sold that house and bought a different one, with a decent garage as well). Time to save for that project car, one to tinker with and not have to rely on to get me to work and gigs. In November of 2004 I made the commitment to myself to get the research done and the funds saved. I was off.

The quest started with my long time Ford Mustang obsession (the 64 - 66 models in particular) but in the course of my researching and test driving, I became somewhat disillusioned with them. Possibly it was that I had (re)found the wonderful world of Little British Cars (LBCs). I wound up with a 1962 Triumph TR4. After six months of puttering around, I came to realize that I didn't get the car that I wanted. So in early 2006 I sold that car to fund the next one.

The adventure continues.