While I can't say that I've lead the most thrilling life, I've had a few good adventures and silly romps. What follows here are some photo essays and silly stories from my life. Hopefully they amuse and entertain, at least a little.

Visit to Blue Moon Ranch Alpacas, 2010
Mary, Jenny, and I visit the Blue Moon Ranch Alpacas. Cute little critters! We also shot a bit of video, which you can see here on YouTube.

Wheeler Peak, 2009
My friend Jeremy and I tackled Wheeler Peak this year. Wheeler Peak is located in Great Basin National Park, which is located miles from anywhere on the Nevada side of the Utah/Nevada border. The peak is 13063' in elevation, with the trailhead at about 10,100'. The hike is 4.3 miles or so each way, but what they don't tell you is that most of the elevation gain (about 2400' or so out of 2900' total) is over the last 2 miles -- making for a very steep hike! Jeremy made it to most of the way, and I pushed on to make the summit. Grueling, to be sure, but a great day out.

Zion National Park, 2009
Jenny and I took our annual anniversary trip down to Zion National Park this year. Hot in July, yes (106 at least the main day we were there), but reasonably cool as long as you get a good early start. We had a nice morning in the park enjoying the sights and a few short walks. On the way home we swung through Cedar Breaks for a little additional sight seeing.

WWII Airplanes at the Heber Airport, 2009
We found out at the last minute that there were going to be some WWII planes at the Heber Airport, and decided to swing by and take a look. For a few dollars we were able to poke around inside of some cool old machines, including a B17, B24, and a P51 Mustang among others. Cool stuff.

Jay Leno featured some of these very these planes in some videos on his website:

3rd Annual Putt-n-Puke, 2008
Once again, John, Greg, Marty, and I spent a weekend in the fall down in the Utah desert, and once again we had great weather. Lots of hiking, putting, music, and eating. This is now our annual close to the summer season.

A short Frink-Wagnon history
A little trip down memory lane for our little family, put together by Jenny.

San Raphael and Huntington Canyon 2007
A short trip to Southern Utah, with 2 excellent campsites. First night was spent on the Wedge in the San Raphael Swell, the second night in Huntington Canyon. From desert to high mountain in one weekend.

Green River 2006 (1st Annual Putt-n-Puke)
For a few years, some friends and I have been trying to connect for a camping trip down to southern Utah. We finally made it in late October of 2006. Good fun, until I wound up in an emergency room (but that's another story for another time).

Fall Colors 2006
In late September I took a day off of work and took a ride up over Wolf Creek pass. The aspens were all nice and golden, and the weather was beautiful. Just what the doctor ordered.

Colorado 2006
Our longest road trip covering 4.5 days, 4 states, a National Park, and a Sprout.

Moving to Midway
The deed is done! On November 12, 2005, Jenny and I made the move to our new house in Midway, Utah. We had a great group of folks helping out, and completed the move, including travel time and lunch, in about 6 hours.

Colorado 2005
My second trip to Colorado with some good friends to climb a mountain or two that are over 14,000 feet in elevation. Nice big hikes, great friends, a good time for all.

The Wall Tent Saga
Back in 1998, a good friend and I lived in a canvas wall tent in the Uintah mountains from September - November. It was a truly amazing experience. This saga contains some excerpts from the diary I kept. One of my first Sagas.