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I've been writing music since I was in college, with varying degrees of success. Lyrics have never been my strong point, though I've got a few tunes here and there that I'm proud of. I've really been enjoying the mandolin lately, and the last few tunes that I've written have been instrumentals.

All songs are in MP3 format, and all music and lyrics are written by me unless otherwise noted.

Crossing Borders -- ©2002 Andrew Frink
This was recorded in early 2007 for for possible use on a locals CD in Park City. Marty Morrison is on guitar, and I'm playing mandolin and upright bass. This was written partly in Baltimore, partly in San Francisco, and partly in Utah. Hopefully this will make it onto the Small House Strings CD, if Marty and I ever get around to recording it!

Back Roads -- ©2007 Andrew Frink
My first solo mandolin instrumental, still needs a bit of tidying bit mostly finished. A friend on the British Car Forum mentioned that the song gave him the image of driving down a twisty road in his Healey. I liked the image a lot, so the tune now has a name.

She Never Meant To -- ©2008 Andrew Frink
Haven't done a vocal tune in some time. My apologies for the drum part -- I'm not much of a drum programmer, and GarageBand can only help me so much.

Life In Between -- ©2002 Andrew Frink
I was thinking about all the human disconnects we have in the world today, and this song came out.

Rain in America -- ©2002 Andrew Frink
Every musician is shaped by the big events in their lives. This song came about after the attacks of September 11. I heard the president on the radio saying that we needed to get out and shop to keep our country whole. While I understood his point, I found the notion so crass and out of place that this song came about.