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1966 Honda S90

This bike has now been sold. It was a hoot, but just one project too many for me.

1966 Honda S90

Yes, I've brought home another wayward vehicle. This time it's a 1966 Honda S90 -- 89cc's of raw power! It was for sale locally at a low price, and I just couldn't resist. Top speed is a claimed 60 mph, but that's with a skinny rider down hill at sea level. I'm none of those things, so we'll just have to see. The bike is not running right now, but with only 1745 miles since new it shouldn't take too much to get it back on the road.

The bike, as it turns out, is a Japanese home model called the Benley 90. Essentially the same as the US export model with a few odd bits and bobs different. It was probably brought home by a serviceman returning from Japan -- I've got the original title that lists the registration date as April of 1967.

I'm just starting to learn what all the details are. I've been spoiled by the wealth of information available on British cars; these old Japanese bikes were stamped out by the thousand and are only now beginning to interest collectors. There is a good Yahoo group for the S90, and there are still parts available.

My bike is, as far as I can tell, 100% complete. I picked up a new set of handlebar levers on eBay for $12 to replace a bent one, and I'll have to fix or replace the seat cover before it's done. Otherwise, it just needs cleaning, tires, and a few odd gaskets here and there. I won't be diving into this bike yet, as I really need to get the Tunebug cleaned up and back on the road first.

Original, complete tool kit