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Vroom Sagas

Auto shows, road trips, that sort of thing. Sagas that go vroom.

Torrey by MGB 2011
Jenny I took the new MGB on a road trip down to Torrey, Utah along with the British Motor Club of Utah. A windy but fun time was had by all.

The MGB comes home
The MGB came home on a *really* big truck on April 12, 2011 at 8 am. Driver was precisely on time, and the car traveled safely. I'm happy with the transport company I choose, and really happy with the car itself. This one is going to be fun.

Buying the 1970 MGB
Another addition to the little Frink fleet -- a UK-spec (right hand drive) 1970 MGB. I bought this one out of Canada, after an exhaustive search for a RHD MGB that lasted all of three days. Sometimes these things come along quickly and you have to move fast.

British Field Day 2009
British Field Day number five for me. This time, the weather did not cooperate as in past years. I was there about two hours, and it was starting to drizzle as I left. Still a respectable showing of cars and bikes, including a really neat Bugeye racer in Gulf Oil racing colors.

Ashmead Collection 2008
Our club journeyed again to the very interesting collection of DeWayne Ashmead (we last visited in 2005). Very interesting to see the progress he has made a few of the cars, especially a Curtis roadster that was very rough in 2005 -- it is now complete and stunning!

BMCU Fall Color Tour 2008
Our club's annual Fall Color Tour, this year heading over Wolf Creek Pass, which is my home turf. Joined in the ride on my Bonnie, and had a good (if occasionally damp) outing. We attracted quite the crowd of bikers when we were stopped for lunch -- an impromptu car show of sorts at 9400 feet.

British Field Day 2008
My fourth British Field Day, and it was a good one. Weather was terrific, drawing lots of British cars and bikes out of garages and sheds all over Utah. Helped to motivate me to get working on the Tunebug.

A short movie of a 1961 Ford Anglia on the road course

Corsa Motorsports open house 2008
Through a connection at work (co-worker's brother-in-law), I was clued in to an open house being held at Corsa Motorsports. They run a Ferrari 430 in the ALMS series, GT2 category. It's a small team based here in Utah, but they've managed to run with the bigger teams -- two 4th place finishes so far this season.

Kirkham Motorsports Tour 2008
The British Motor Club of Utah took a tour of Kirkham Motorsports for our January tech meeting. Really interesting place, with lots of beautiful eye candy around. Kirkham makes Cobra replicas, but unlike most replica makers they make them out of aluminum (most are fiberglass). The body/frames are made in an ex-MIG factory in Poland, and the craftsmanship levels look very high.

I also got a short movie of a computerized tube bending machine bending a set of headers.

British Field Day 2007
British Field Day, 2007 was another great gathering of Utah's finest in British cars and bikes. This makes the fourth or fifth time at the show for me, though I've only had a car in once (last year). Tunebug didn't make it this year, but he'll be back next time!

From the road course, Bill Davis driving his Bugeye like it was meant to be driven.

Parents go for a ride!
My parents came out in the spring, and went for a ride in the Tunebug.

1974 MG Midget Project/Parts Car
I just bought a 1974 MG Midget! I was looking for a later engine and transmission for my Bugeye, and this car came up locally. It's in pieces, but has a good running engine. Once I've pulled the bits I need, I'll hopefully be able to sell the remainder to someone who is looking for a good body shell.

PC Miner's Day Parade 2006
We made the parade this year, my second time and the first for the Tunebug. Jenny came too, so this was are first family adventure in the little car.

ALMS Race, 2006
First real day out at the new Miller Motorsports Park for the Utah Grand Prix ALMS race. Really hot, at 104+ degrees, but also really fun. We'll be back next year.

Also from the race, a short video of the race start!

British Field Day 2006
The show that got first rekindled my interest in British cars. This is the 3rd year I've gone, but the first year I've had a car in the show.

All Cleaned Up
Came home from a 3 day meeting and the weather was nice out, so I cleaned up the Tunebug, removed the rollbar, and took my first drive around the block. Too fun.

Bringing Home the Tunebug
Rain nor snow nor sleet nor hail nor ice... we drive to Escondido, CA to bring home the Tunebug, a 1959 Austin Healey "Bugeye" Sprite.

TR4 Comes Home
Pictures from our trip to bring home a 1962 Triumph TR4. Two long days of driving, a Wienermobile, and a cute car in green.

Bugeye in Motion
Captured during the British Field Day, 2005 in Salt Lake City, Utah. An Austin Healey "Bugeye" Sprite driven as it was meant to be driven. These are still my favorite cars -- and I now own one!

Last Ride of the W650
In the Spring of 2005, I took my Kawasaki W650 on it's last tour down to my favorite spot in Southern Utah, the San Rafael Swell. A very nice solo weekend, and a fitting close to my ownership. Not too long after this, I sold the W to help fund my acquisition of the 1962 TR4. Yes, I regret selling this bike.

Ashmead Collection, 2005
The British Motor Club of Utah took a tour of DeWayne Ashmead's wonderful collection early this spring. A very knowledgeable guy, who buys cars because they are unique or just interest him. Close to half of them have regular UT plates, and get driven. That's the way it should be.