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Solo Music

Music has always been a part of my life, ever since I was a little kid. My whole family are musicians--everybody plays something or sings. When I got to Yale I started writing songs. Wound up majoring in music. I'm mostly a bass player, therefore mostly a play-in-a-band kind of guy, but I've done some solo work here and there, and a bunch of solo recording.

In 1998, I recorded a little album on a very rudimentary computer recording setup. New Bass Revival was a lot of fun to put together. Some day I'll get another solo album done. For now, just a few songs dribble out here and there.

New Bass Revival was my first real attempt at recording an album. Recorded in 1998, my equipment consisted of an old Macintosh clone (PowerComputing), a copy of Bias Deck, and the built in audio inputs on the mac. I had only a simple delay, no reverb. No mic preamps. Some vocals were recorded through my guitar amp to get better sound. Very primitive. Drums were played on a keyboard, live without sequencing. I had a lot of fun.